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The planet earth has left few hours (english version)

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The world-wide NPOs and many other organizations are giving shouts to the humanity so that they stop. The planet earth no longer can more, has been spent everything, has ended all the resources and the planet this reacting. In what we know as "history" or for the thousand of years scientists has been seeing that single in our days the worse cataclysms of all the times have been seen and have given the voice of Maxim Alert. The governments do not want to pay attention, mainly the world-wide powers which single go behind their economic interests. According to a world-wide report, petroleum will finish in next the 4 years, due to this G. Bush is distracting scientists attention to elaborate fuel as a result of an alcohol that can even be removed from the human body. The Katrina hurricane has been the greatest of all history and has devastated totally New Orleans in December of 2,005, and the most terrible earthquakes are awaking in these decades, just as torrential rains outside the order that it would, the atmospheric predictions are each you see but complicated to handle, the Earth this agonizing. The ozone layer does not have "humanly" any solution and we are to the delay of a global overheating with no precedents in a matter of years when the ozone layer no longer covers us with direct rays of the sun. The toxins sent to the air by the industries and CO2 are on the verge of creating in few years a "innervate effect" that according to the scientists, will be "irreversible". All these things were announced by Jesus thousands of years ago, but the single humanity wants its own benefit and what during his life can enjoy, and about those who are coming after them they don’t care, they -the politicians- will have died and enjoyed the entire slice that will have been able to take during their political appointment. All this things added to the increase of the "war potential" is attracting us to a war with no precedents and about Albert Einstein said: "I don’t know how’s gonna be the Third World War, but I’m sure that the fourth will be with woods and stones". The governments are mobilizing armies towards the Middle East where the tensions are accumulated, while the nations are preparing nuclear weapon with even 40 times more power than the bombs that devastated in 1.945 the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nakasaki. The humanity prepares itself for last a great war of which Jesus said. "War as that one have not been since man exists on the Earth, nor will be it never", and also he said: "if God had not shortened those days, nobody would be saved". And it has been announced that will meet "200 million riders" not including tanks, airplanes, helicopters and boats.

Frederick Guttmann R.
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The planet earth has left few hours (english version)

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